Lifestyle Evolved Personal Training

Lifestyle Evolved is your personal resource for obtaining your health and physical fitness goals. I am your personal training. I design the programs specifically based off of your strengths and weaknesses. We train hard and consistent and we do it in a private studio in SE Portland. Come have some fun and get in great shape!

1st Time 3 Session Starter Package


1st Time 3 Session Starter Package



This package includes:

1. One free fitness assessment. 

2. Focused Personal training sessions.

3. Personal training guidance based off your postural and strength needs.

4. A monthly workout regimen designed to be done when working out on your own.

5. Monthly tracking of body weight, body fat percentage and body measurements(if requested).

6. Monthly day planning calendar with daily caloric intake, workout regimen and notes to focus on(if requested).

7. Frequent correspondence and support to keep you focused on your goals. 

8. Photo and video tracking and analysis(if requested). 

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